Selecting a Great Golf Training Aid

The internet and marketplaces are flooded with a huge range of golf training aids be it audio, video, app, any physical device or a book (manual).But the main question still stands the same how to determine best amongst them. What are the criteria for selection for a golf training aid? There are a lot of factors responsible which one should look before purchasing such as:

  • Accuracy: The results the aid interprets should be accurate. Accuracy does matter a lot when one is serious about golfing and is preparing for some serious matches/ competitions. If an aid is misinterpreting the data or a shot, then certainly one must prefer some other aid as it’s a sheer waste of time and energy.
  • Correct Usage: One must be sure about the training aid he is using. Like he should not use a swing aid in place of a putting aid if he wants to learn how to put the ball in the hole. In case one is using a wrong training aid then he back to square as he has learned nothing.
  • User-friendly: The training aid should be easy to understand and demonstrate so that even if the trainer is not present, the trainee must be able to understand and practice some good shots.
  • Technology: The golf training aid should be compatible with latest technological trends. In this digital era, getting trained with the outdated or obsolete aids may leave you far behind of your competitors. To pace up with the latest trends, one can download Golf training apps on their iPhone or iPad and play without the need of carrying any heavy equipment/aid or manual.

Apps such as swing profile have set a benchmark in golf training aids as the best swing training aid. It automatically detects and records the swing and then plays back the video helping the trainee to analyze his shots and shortcomings so that he can improvise.For more information visit




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